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At the University of Florida, we invite our students to explore all the possibilities of how to maximize their college careers. Not knowing what you want to major in or how exactly your career path will turn out is ok - there are campus resources to help you. From the Career Connections Center, where you are invited to visit early and often, to navigating your First Year Experience, the UF family will help you make sense of your interests and show you how they fit in to your path to success.



Drop in or make an appointment for assistance with a variety of career-related topics like developing a resume, cover letter, personal statements and general job search strategies.

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The Career Connections Center’s award-winning services help students develop professionally and prepare for opportunities during their college career and beyond graduation. Through major exploration, career fairs, customized workshops, and several other tailored initiatives, UF students will bridge inspiration to action and create meaningful connections when engaging with the university’s career center.

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The Career Help or Major Planning (CHOMP) program was designed to help you through the major selection process with ease. Created exclusively for UF students, CHOMP will have you on your way when you're ready to find a major or consider different career paths.

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The Gator first year experience encompasses all aspects of life here at the University of Florida.  It is a series of programs that introduce our newest Gators to everything from academics to campus life, the wide variety of activities will leave students with a chance to try something new, meet some friends and build lasting memories for years to come.

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With on campus employment learning isn’t confined to the classroom. Through meaningful hands-on experiences that compliment academic pursuits Gators are provided opportunities to grow, impact the university community and make purposeful connections that will impact their personal and professional development.

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