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“The Public Exhibition of Duhuang Mural Art Treasure in University” Held in Hebei University

In order to inherit the Chinese traditional art and spread Duhuang culture, on the morning of April 15,  THE ETERNAL ART GALLERY IN THE DESERT--The Public Exhibition of Duhuang Mural Art Treasure in University was held at the gallery of Hebei University, jointly organized by the Dunhuang Academy, China Dunhuang Grottoes Conservation Research Foundation and Hebei University.

Dunhuang mural is not only a great gallery, but also a splendid museum. It’s content is rich and complex, especially the dancing images of various generations solidified on the walls of the grottoes, which provides extremely valuable historical materials for the development of later national dance. The dance students of the Art School of Hebei University also  performed the Dunhuang Dance.

Dunhuang murals are the world's intangible cultural heritage and brilliant treasure of Chinese traditional art. The Hebei University Station Tour exhibited 40 digital high-fidelity replicas of Dunhuang murals and a 1:1 high-fidelity replica cave of great artistic significance. These exhibits completely preserve the information of the Dunhuang Grotto art, truly reproducing the style and charm of Dunhuang art, which is considered as the crystallization of the integration of modern technology and ancient culture. It is reported that the exhibition will last until May 15th, inviting teachers and students of Hebei University and all sectors of the community to appreciate and learn Dunhuang art and feel the beauty and mystery of Dunhuang murals.






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